About the Company

Sanitary Enterprise (Cambodia) Co., Ltd (SE ) has registration number 00030464 with MoC and VAT TIN B119-901800385 with general department of taxation on the 4th January 2018 under the laws of Cambodia is a social enterprise for buying and selling renewable energy and sanitary products to the low income persons in the rural areas of Cambodia. The company has grown and become one of the leading social enterprise in Svay Rieng is working to support and contribute to the hygiene and sanitation improvement in the province.

SE was selected by Innovation Against Poverty (IAP) fund for the implementation innovative business model of SE by selling concrete Shelter and Underground and incorporated with the revolving fund which is jointly managed by Agricultural Cooperative (ACs) and company as the sources of financing to provide the affordable upfront cost to poor household families. SNV-IAP has awarded a contract to SE on 01 December, 2017 to implement the project so-called “Affordable Latrine Shelter for LIP” which ended on 30 March, 2020.

From 2019, SE was recognized as a social enterprise which specialized in supplying products related to renewable technologies, hygiene, and sanitary, to the low-income households in rural areas of Cambodia. Within the services, SE had delivered services and produces to thousands of families of five provinces. To foster networking and providing accessibility to the local markets, SE employs effective strategies through working and supporting to sale agents, wholesaler and retailers, mechanical workshops, local communities and community extension workers (CEWs). Such strategies contribute to income generation of local communities, increasing green jobs for local people, and improving living standard in the communities. The SE’s mandate is expected to compete in the free market for 99 years.

Starting from April 2019, SE’s mission is to promote renewable technology innovation, hygiene products and capacity building through behaviour communication change (BCC) at the community level. From 2019-2021, SE successfully received a grant agreement provided by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF-PSU/SRET), for a 3-year project implementation, namely “Building Adaptive Capacity through the Scaling-up of Renewable Energy Technologies in Rural Cambodia (S-RET)”.

The future strategy of SE is to introduce innovation technologies of renewable energy for agricultural sector: solar grinding and cooling box, to meet high market demand in Cambodia.